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The Gorman Law Group, P.C. - A Michigan law firm.
The Gorman Law Group, P.C., is a full service Michigan law firm
representing individuals and businesses throughout the State in civil
and criminal situations, as well as family and business needs.   
Whether you are looking to prevent a problem from arising, or
seeking to solve one that has already occurred, we can help you.  
That's our job. That's our promise to our clients.

How the Gorman Law Group, P.C., helps you:
What you want in a lawyer:

We often hear attorneys or lawyers describe themselves as
"aggressive".  Too often what that means is they over-work your
case, bill you for the excess, and have little regard to achieving the
goal that you hired them to reach, be it an amicable divorce, criminal
plea deal, or settlement of a civil lawsuit.  The Gorman Law Group,
P.C., prides itself on being GOAL oriented, and not taking the scenic
route to the best resolution.  An expeditious resolution to your case
might mean less in attorney fees for us in the short term, but it also
means a more satisfied client that is likely to hire us again, or refer
someone they know.
Assessing current problems, future problems, and weighing all the options.
Research and Develop solutions to current problems, and prevent new ones.
Initiate & implement those solutions and preventative measures to completion.
Improve and maintain habits and procedures to keep things running smoothly.

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